Holiday Hunger

Holiday Hunger

How we’re tackling ‘holiday hunger’ and food poverty

Food poverty is on the rise nationally and Oldham Council and it’s partners are working closely together to tackle hunger amongst young children.

Poverty proofing in schools across the North East has highlighted how a lack of nutritious meals can impact a child’s ability to concentrate in school and their long-term health in adult life and children are increasingly relying on school to supply food. Upcoming school holidays can impact children by reducing their access to food and in turn, impact their educational attainment.

That is why Oldham council and its partners, including Incredible Futures Oldham are working together to tackle the phenomena of ‘holiday hunger’, where kids are forced to go without food when they can’t access free school meals.

In 2018, holiday clubs across community sites in Oldham, were food was provided was piloted. The first one took place in the Christmas of 2018 and in the summer of 2018. At these holiday clubs, educations events and activities were put on for children, where they and their parents could also get a free healthy meal.

At some of these sites, food was cooked as children enjoyed activities and at others, food was pre-made and packed. A total of 3892 healthy meals were provided.

This continued in 2019 during the Easter and Summer holidays and during October half term. A total of 9229 healthy meals were provided.

We are looking forward to continue working with our partners to tackle hunger, child poverty and delivering nutritious and healthy meals to children across the borough.