The Oldham Plan

The Oldham Plan 2017-22

This is The Oldham Plan.

It is a collective action statement explaining how we can all best serve the place we love and help its people, districts and businesses to thrive.

As a Partnership, this is our commitment to working even closer together with a renewed sense of purpose to help Oldham’s residents access the opportunities and realise the ambitions they both aspire to and deserve.

Oldham today is a unique place:  an original Northern Powerhouse with a mix of the challenges, changes and opportunities which exemplify the changing face of modern Britain.

Its people have selfless spirit and a sense of pride that is immediately obvious.

Innovation and enterprise are also part of our DNA.  They build the bridge from the thriving mill town of the 19th Century to a place where entrepreneurs and industry thrived and are key to our future.  We seek to nurture that and create an environment where every Oldham child can truly aspire to be the best at what they choose to do.

We know Oldham is a place where deep social and economic disadvantage still exists and life can be a struggle for many.  The statistics on key indicators like educational attainment and health and wellbeing tell that story.

We don’t pretend there are any easy routes to shifting stubborn inequalities but we are clear that our role is to challenge those lazy perceptions and assumptions that damage our town and we can do that by leading by example.

We do not believe Oldham’s future is pre-determined or inevitable.

The potential for lasting change is huge and this is what inspires and motivates us to do ‘our bit’ for Oldham, and to encourage others to do the same.

This co-operative borough is a great place with incredible assets – and only by working together can we make it even stronger.

The Oldham Plan

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