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Oldham Food Network

What is it?

The Oldham Food Network:

  • Is a community-led organisation – run by local people, for local people
  • Brings together groups from communities across Oldham involved in food activity
  • Engages members borough-wide

What do our members do?

Why does this help?

Through the work of our members, the network helps to:

  • Improve individual and community resilience
  • Increase healthy eating and health outcomes
  • Tackle social isolation 
  • Make healthy food a choice for residents
  • Support enterprise around food
  • Reduce food insecurity

What have we done?

Since establishment, the Network has grown from a group of volunteers into an active movement, driving Oldham’s co-operative approach to food and growing and supporting a range of people and projects. 

In December 2016, the Network led a successful crowdfunding campaign for a Community Kitchen for Oldham Foodbank.  Through a myriad of fundraising activity, over £20,000 was raised in under 8 weeks, successfully galvanising support and investment from residents, partners, businesses and organisations across the borough.  The collaborative approach to community involvement created a swell of interest and support that continues to grow beyond the campaign.

What we’d like to achieve

We have five ambitions priorities we focus on:

  1. To co-ordinate food activity and support local communities (growing, cooking, sharing – and eating!)
  2. To increase food education and skills
  3. To grow food enterprise in Oldham
  4. To communicate opportunities and share resources around food
  5. To eradicate food waste

How do we achieve this?

Key to what we can achieve is:

  • By working co-operatively with partners
  • Through exploring joint opportunities
  • Supporting shared ambitions
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Communicating with others

What next?

Through connecting, joint-working, sharing and action we are empowering leaders across Oldham to drive a movement around the future of food. 

The Network is also moving towards establishing an entity to help increase sustainability, and seek and secure funding and investment to increase communications, marketing and activity that makes a difference. 

By empowering a Network for all Oldham, we are fostering a culture of collaboration by default.