Place Based Integration

How we’re transforming our neighbourhoods and public services 

To build resilient and co-operative services and thriving communities, we know we need to achieve sustainable change and we know that we have to fundamentally rethink: the way the public sector operate, and the relationship with communities, how we work with individuals and families with complex problems, how we connect with the community to both develop community connectedness and build confidence.

Place Based Integration initiatives can help us deliver real change to our communities and transform public services in our neighbourhoods. Place based initiatives, multi-agency teams are key to the transformation and reform of public services and communities both here in Oldham and across Greater Manchester.

Case Study of a Place Based site:

Holts and Lees is an example of how Place Based Initiatives have supported residents in that community. It is led by First Choice Homes and the area covers around 3100 properties. It was chosen due to the high levels of demand on services, particularly in Holts.

The team was modelled on the presenting demand for the area and was initially made up of 9 full time and 2 part time posts as follows: GMP (x3 including NBO and PCSO’s), First Choice Homes (x4 including tenancy, community development, neighbourhoods officers and team leader), OMBC (x2 including family support and early help workers) and Positive Steps (1x early help worker). The team has since drawn in CRC, Focussed Care and a Redeeming our Communities worker from the community and voluntary sector.

Holts and Lees is the most developed of all the PBI sites and has delivered far reaching outcomes for people, places and public services.

Outcomes of PBI for Holts and Lees

Engagement levels are high at over 95% and trust levels are extremely high. This is shown in the high level of self-referrals and how many customers are coming to the team for help via the front door of the hub.

The casework shows direct outcomes for people. In the 67 open cases the financial situation of individuals and families improved in 44% of all the cases. In some cases this improvement was significant and in two cases amounted to £15,900 per year. In just 12 months the financial improvement of just 30 cases amounts to £95,903 and over 70% of these costs are not ‘one off’ and may be realised year on year.

There are social benefits too. In 20% of all cases the team has directed people into activity that has helped to tackle social isolation and loneliness (the Oldham average for social isolation/loneliness is 10%). We know that being socially isolated or lonely is as damaging as smoking 14 cigarettes a day and costs at least £600 a year to public services.

We are actively developing our various Place Based Sites, working with our partner organisations and communities to make a real difference to the lives of residents and transform and shape our public services and assets for our neighbourhoods.