Vision and Principles


Our Vision

Our vision for 2015-18 is simple:
To be a place of ambition where people and communities flourish’.

We will achieve this by focusing on growth, reform and enabling both individuals and communities to cope well with change.


Our Principles


  • We will ensure that Oldham residents get the best deal from their community, the borough, the city region and beyond.
  • We will champion Oldham as a place and campaign and deliver on the issues that matter the most to local residents.
  • We will challenge and be open to challenge. We will ensure that each partner is the best that it can be.


  • We will ensure that our work is unashamedly economically focussed.
  • We will use our strength as a partnership to attract investment to the borough.
  • We will ensure the maximum possible social value for Oldham from every public sector pound spent in the Borough.


  • We will jointly commission services across organisations and sectors that are informed by communities and deliver better outcomes and value for money.
  • We will pool and align our resources where possible and develop investment models that deliver better outcomes, avoid duplication and reduce costs.
  • We will rebalance investment towards preventative services and strengthen our early-help offer.


  • We will develop a shared understanding of resilience that helps both communities and individuals to flourish and overcome hardship and change.
  • We will work in the spirit of the co-operative charter developing a co-operative culture where everybody does their bit and everybody benefits .


Our Terms of Reference

The following terms of reference detail how the Leadership Board will effectively lead Oldham, not just at the borough level, but at Greater Manchester and beyond:

Terms of Reference