Investment Agreements

What is an Investment Agreement?

An Investment Agreement is a joint project invested in by partners which:

  • Addresses a collective priority for Oldham
  • Provides funding for new activity that can not currently be resourced, or additional funding for activity that could make a bigger impact.

In short, it should be:

  • Something everyone agrees with and believes in
  • A high priority
  • Highly evidence based
  • Improving outcomes
  • Reducing demand

Warm Homes Oldham Investment Agreement

At present the Oldham Partnership has one Investment Agreement called ‘Warm Homes Oldham’ which is a joint investment between Oldham Council, Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group and the Oldham Housing Investment Partnership which helps people in Oldham who struggle to heat their homes. In its first year alone the Warm Homes Oldham scheme lifted 1074 people out of fuel poverty.

For a short summary of the scheme please download the Warm Homes Oldham presentation

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Future Investment Agreements

A priority for the Oldham Partnership is to find more areas to jointly invest to both improve outcomes and reduce demand on services.

For the slide pack on potential investment areas currently being considered please download the OLB Investment Propositions Slide Pack