Oldham Leadership Board

The Oldham Leadership Board is a long-established Board that is responsible for driving the Oldham Model, as set out in the Oldham Plan 2017-22 and sets the overall direction for the borough.

The Oldham Leadership Board (OLB) marks a shift in partnership working in Oldham with its recognition that it is more than a partnership of organisations but a body which is responsible for leading and championing Oldham, not just at the borough level but at the city region and beyond.

It is a 25-member strong Board that comprises of all the public services chief executives, political leadership from the Council from the Leader and Deputy Leader as well as VCFSE leaders and business leaders. It is chaired by the Leader, Councillor Sean Fielding.

Other members include,  the Chief Executive of Oldham Council, the Chief Supt of Greater Manchester Police, Chief Clinical Officer of Oldham CCG, executive representatives from our further educational institutions, executive leads from our housing association groups in Oldham and leads and representatives form our VCSFE community.

All of these partners share the common vision ‘to make Oldham a place of ambition’ and are committed to working with each other and with the people of Oldham to create a productive place with healthy, aspirational and sustainable communities.

The remit of the Board is therefore to:

• Provide clear and focused place leadership and ensure that Oldham
residents get the best deal from their community, the borough, the city
region and beyond.
• Overseeing new partnering arrangements through Public Service
• Champion Oldham as a place and campaign and deliver on the issues
that matter the most to local residents.
• Bring organisations together and create the climate to address joint
challenges, develop new opportunities and deliver shared outcomes.
• Deliver the Oldham Plan and co-ordinate activity across partner
• Monitor ‘Place’ performance and work towards improving outcomes

The Board also provides an opportunity for anchor organisations in the borough to get behind joint initiatives and plans that will benefit residents. This includes a Green New Deal, Fair Employment etc. The Board also undertakes joint planning, for example, winter resilience and helps develop a shared narrative and culture for the borough and the rest of the Partnership. For example, through the Poverty Truth Commission.

The Boards focus over the past 12 months has been to progress the local wealth building and anchors work in the Inclusive Economy workstream; the Place Based Integration work in the Co-operative Services/Thriving Communities area. The Board also provides solutions for Oldham with emphasis on collaboration, alignment, joint commissioning and investment.


Highlights from the Partnership Year 2016/17

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