Inclusive Economy

Inclusive EconomyOur vision is for Oldham to become Greater Manchester’s Inclusive Economy capital by making significant progress in living standards, wages and skills for everyone. We want everyone in Oldham to have the opportunities they deserve to improve their own lives and to do this we need to build a new economic model that is fairer and more co-operative.

An Inclusive Economy delivers aggregate benefits to Oldham’s economy and it does so by enabling more of our residents to do the jobs that power it and to take a bigger share in its proceeds both individually and through public services. We need to be more committed than ever to making this model work. It is the key to unlocking the economic potential of Oldham’s citizens and the key to getting the best out of our brilliant schools, colleges and employers.

Oldham has made great strides in regeneration, job creation, educational attainment and connectivity into Manchester. Get Oldham Working, the Oldham Education and Skills Commission and the Oldham Enterprise Trust have made a real difference and efforts to encourage inward investment and support local entrepreneurs can be seen in the Independent Quarter and the Old Town Hall.

But the bigger picture is that Greater Manchester’s model of growth doesn’t work well enough for Oldham. There is not enough incentive for investment in the borough and the economics dictate that new opportunities will boost places in which the barriers to growth are significantly lower. We have not yet realised the potential of our anchor institutions in the borough and more can be done to maximise our Oldham pound, workforce and assets for social good.

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