Inclusive Economy in Oldham

 We want Oldham to be a place where everyone has a fair and real chance to access opportunities and improve their own lives.

Our vision is for Oldham to become Greater Manchester’s Inclusive Economy capital by making significant progress in living standards, wages and skills for everyone.


Message from Dave Benstead, Chair of Economy & Skills Commissioning Partnership

“We have made significant progress in terms of education achievement over the past decade with Oldham closing the gap with the rest of the country in education achievement at key stage 2 and GCSE.  However, this success does not seem to have been translated elsewhere – with Oldham residents less likely to have a degree, be in work or earn as much as their England and Greater Manchester colleagues.  In fact, wage levels in Oldham are lagging behind with more people termed as ‘in work poverty’ than elsewhere.  This is why our challenge for Oldham is more than about getting people into work.  

“It is about getting more skilled and educated Oldhamers who can access good quality jobs both here and in the city region supported by the right vocational offer that is aligned to the job market.  We cannot achieve this alone and will need to work closely with our partners in the city region to ensure Oldham people benefit from city region prosperity.  However, we need to do this at the same time as attracting more investment into Oldham, marketing it as a place to live, work and invest, increasing our housing, leisure and infrastructure offer and supporting more people to start up and succeed in their own business.”