Health and Wellbeing

A message from Cllr Sue Dearden, Chair of the Health & Wellbeing Board

We refuse to accept stark health inequalities in Oldham and our priority is to ensure that every resident is happy, healthy and confident and has the same life chances.

To achieve this we need to address the wider determinants of ill health including access to good education and employment and focus our efforts on early intervention and prevention. We also need to work with people and communities to enable them to take more control of their lives, be more involved in their communities with a focus on eating better, being more active and reducing alcohol consumption and smoking prevalence.

We need to ensure that each part of the health and social care system in Oldham works better and equally for everyone in Oldham and ensure a whole system approach to areas such as mental health services.

Priority outcome:  Healthy, happy and confident people and communities.

  • Improve health outcomes for all.
  • Keep vulnerable children and adults safe.
  • Enable more people to be in control of their own health.
  • Develop a more joined up and effective health and social care system.
  • Invest in preventative services to help people earlier.