Get Oldham Working

Get Oldham Working

The Get Oldham Working programme provides holistic support to Oldham residents to access employment and training opportunities, as well as working with local employers to better understand workforce and skills requirements. The service delivers personalised pre-employment support to residents with sometimes complex barriers to employment e.g. mental health and self-esteem.

Between 2013 and 2016 get Oldham Working created 3,787 employment related opportunities, including 2,250 jobs and 580 apprenticeships by 2020 the target is to engage 6,000 residents in Get Oldham Working and fill 5,000 job and work related opportunities.

Career Advancement Service

The key learning point from the initial GOW programme has been the total focus on supporting clients into work but then a failure within the systems to progress clients into better work. In Oldham we know that we need to support people already in work – so they can achieve higher skilled and higher paid jobs. This is the aim of our ‘Career Advancement Service’.

The Service draws on a variety of funding pots, and an initial investment of £250k from the Council and also draws on Advanced Learner Loans funding. This will enable an initial target cohort of 400 local residents – 800 over two years – to benefit from the extended service offer.

The Career Progression Service uses a key worker model which is aligned to the National Careers Service. This model looks to address:

  • Skills and psychometric assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Full analysis of pathways, opportunities and costs/benefits
  • Operationally fixed on client needs – including twilight working

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