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The Oldham Partnership

The Oldham Partnership brings together proactive and engaged public, private, voluntary and community organisations in Oldham.

All of these partners share the common vision ‘to make Oldham a place of ambition’ and are committed to working with each other and with the people of Oldham to create a productive place with healthy, aspirational and sustainable communities.

Graphic of the Oldham Model

The Oldham Model is making a real difference. This has three interdependent goals.

Firstly, we are working to build Thriving Communities that are resilient with strong assets, people and groups who are supported to improve. We do that through our Co-operative Services, which focus on delivering social value. This in turn is helping us to work towards an Inclusive Economy where everyone can play their part in helping local people and businesses prosper from introducing a Living Wage to delivering better skills prospects, investment and job opportunities

Oldham Plan

The Oldham Plan is a collective action statement explaining how we can all best serve the place we love and help its people, districts, and businesses to thrive.

As a Partnership, this is our commitment to working even closer together with a renewed sense of purpose to help Oldham’s residents access the opportunities and realise the ambitions they both aspire to and deserve.

To download your copy of The Oldham Plan, please click here.

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