Best Start in Life

Starting Well: Early years, Children & Young people is one of the 4 key transformation programmes within Oldham’s Health & Social Care Locality Plan. In 2016, the Best Start in Life Partnership was established as the responsible body for developing and delivering on this ambition.

Creating Opportunity, Tackling Inequality Oldham’s Best Start in Life for Children and Young People Plan 2016-19 is the strategic plan that outlines how Oldham as a borough will deliver on its ambition to ensure each young person has the best opportunities at the start of their lives.

The Plan outlines the overarching vision:

  • Creating opportunity … our vision is to ensure excellent services for all, working with families so that all children and young people are given the opportunities they need to enjoy a happy, healthy and safe childhood, and to develop into skilled and independent adults able take their productive place in society
  • Tackling inequality… we know that behind the story of our successes there are some real challenges and inequalities between relatively wealthy and relatively poor areas of the borough and between children with particular needs. Our vision is to target the most support on those who need the most help, ensuring that every child in every part of the borough, no matter what their background or their need, have their gifts and talents recognised and the opportunity to thrive within their families and communities
  • Whole child and whole family approach … Working with one individual within in a household may not always be the best way to improving the outcomes of that person. We will look to address all contributing factors to the challenges any young person in Oldham faces, and improve the outcomes for the child and their family at the same time.

Desired outcomes;

By 2019 children and young people in Oldham will:

  • be safer from harm and neglect;
  • have greater access to a high quality learning offer across the ages from early years to higher education;
  • lead healthier and more active lifestyles;
  • have improved access to joined up and effective local services and amenities;
  • have raised aspirations and expectations; and
  • enjoy better life opportunities.

And is structured around five key priority themes, the 5  P’s

1          Prevention & Early Help

2          Protection

3 & 4    Participation and Progression

5            Parents & Carers

Please do get in contact with us if you’d like to know more about the plan and the programmes designed to deliver it.

Best Start in Life

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