“Saving A Generation” Conference: Countering the threat of terrorism and Extremism – A Muslim Community perspective

Oldham Mosques Council (OMC) has recently held a number of community workshops about terrorism, radicalisation and extremism, an outcome of which was that people expressed a desire to play an active role in tackling terrorism, radicalisation and extremism and also share their views on how this can be done effectively. The overwhelming response of the Muslim community has been to denounce all acts of terrorism/violent extremism and to emphasise that these acts are not done in their name or for the Muslim faith.

With this in mind, OMC organised a conference, held on Tuesday 2 February 2016, which not only rejected acts of terrorism, but also looked for ways in which the Muslim community can work together with partner agencies to tackle terrorism and any risks of radicalisation. Alongside this, the conference worked to ensure that the Muslim community is treated fairly, with respect and dignity, and as valuable members of the wider community.

The aims of the Conference were to:

  1. Further strengthen the engagement of Muslim communities in work to prevent involvement in terrorism and extremism.
  2. Develop opportunities for Muslim organisations to work in partnership with a range of organisations in support of this.
  3. Highlight the commitment of Muslims, and the contributions they have already made, to tackling terrorism and extremism.
  4. Improve community understanding of the Government’s Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Extremism strategies as well as share own views on how this can be done more effectively.
  5. Understand, and address, the concerns of Muslim people about how the response to terrorism has an adverse impact on their lives.

Information about the outcomes of the conference will be available soon.

Oldham Mosques Council was established following the disturbances in 2001, as an umbrella organisation which would promote the needs and aspirations of the Borough’s Muslim communities. It now involves 37 Mosques and Muslim teaching institutions serving a population of approximately 35,000 Muslims living in the Borough.

OMC seeks to create unity and friendship with other faith and non-faith organisations and communities by promoting a positive awareness of Islam, fostering understanding, and helping to build good community relations and community cohesion.