Oldham Leadership Board

The Oldham Partnership brings together proactive and engaged public, private, voluntary and community organisations in Oldham.

All of these partners share the common vision ‘to make Oldham a place of ambition’ and are committed to working with each other and with the people of Oldham to create a productive place with healthy, aspirational and sustainable communities.

The Oldham Leadership Board is the governing body of the Oldham Partnership. It comprises of public sector chief executives, key elected members, and business, community and voluntary sector leaders.

It is more than just a partnership of organisations; the body is responsible for leading and championing Oldham, not just at the borough level but at the city region and beyond.

The Board also provides solutions for Oldham with emphasis on collaboration, alignment, joint commissioning and investment.


Highlights from the Partnership Year 2016/17

Oldham Partnership showcase, a snapshot of what we are all about

Partnership Showcase 2016