Oldham Enterprise Fund

The aim of the Fund is to present a local and discreet source of business finance to Oldham residents and businesses.

Alongside the loan fund sits the connectivity of wider business support – business planning, financial literacy, mentoring, managing growth


and accessing foreign markets – The Oldham Enterprise Fund is designed to  enhance the chances of business survival and success. The range of the Fund’s offer covers the full gamut of business support –  from young enterprise start-ups through to funding for large scale companies planning to grow in Oldham.

Unique Offer

  • Unite various funding streams under the banner of The Oldham Enterprise Fund
  • Direct applicants to the most appropriate funding stream for their purpose and link them with business support services.
  • Provide an on-going one stop portal to help residents secure business funding  and support  and so make an economic contribution to their neighbourhood
  • Act as a catalyst for the Borough-wide economic framework to improve both the Start Up and Survival rate of new businesses and improve Oldham’s position within Greater Manchester (GM)
  • Provide an easy way for growing companies to access the range of support services – both funding and other support – to enable economic developm
    ent and job creation

Key messages:

  • To use a multichannel approach to promote the re-launch of the programme in conjunction with BFS.
  • To work with the Oldham Enterprise Trust, Stoller Charitable Trust, Oldham Business Leadership Board, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Business Finance Solutions to promote the Fund – using a multichannel approach.
  • To promote within Oldham Council to ensure a good understanding of how the Fund could be accessed by existing and potential businesses/ enterprises in Oldham.
  • To capitalise on press opportunities
  • To promote a launch event which is currently scheduled for the 21st February.

Visit the Oldham Enterprise Trust website:  www.oldhamenterprisetrust.org.uk
Visit the Invest in Oldham website: www.oldham.gov.uk/iio