The Oldham Learning Co-operative Partnership

The OCLP has the responsibility to provide the very best opportunities for learning to every child and young person in Oldham.

The partnership brings together early years providers, schools, colleges, businesses and local government to make this happen. It is focused on practicalities – working out shared plans and actions, especially at the boundaries where it is vital that these different interests work together.

The aims of the OLCP are to:

  1. Increase the number of children starting school ready to learn and attaining high levels of educational achievement.
  2. Define, improve and broaden the learning offer and pathways.
  3. Strive to ensure that all learning settings are good or outstanding and help those in lower categories to recover.
  4. Secure effective transitions from early years through to adulthood and employment.
  5. Ensure young people leaving school have an advantage in highly competitive markets by linking education and skills more closely to employability and employment.
  6. Prepare for and deliver the Oldham Youth Guarantee.

Oldham Learning Co-operative Partnership: Conference report (PDF)