Social Value

Introduction:  Community Wealth Building in Oldham Through Anchors

Oldham Council and The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) are working together to develop an anchor approach for Oldham.  This work seeks to maximise the impact of key anchor organisations in Oldham, in procuring goods and service from local businesses, SMEs, Social Enterprises, Community and Voluntary sector organisations and co-operatives.

Organisations in Oldham and Oldham Council are already involved in lots of activity commensurate with playing an anchor role.  However, working with CLES, there is an opportunity to deepen the impact of anchors, through pre-existing and potential new contractual relations and activities which Oldham Council and other anchors are involved in.

This approach will complement The Oldham Plan and ongoing social value aspirations.

CLES is the leading UK member organisation realising progressive economics for people and place.  They are European leaders in the field of developing the role of anchor organisations to enhance community wealth building.

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