Inclusive Growth

“Inclusive Growth” is a relatively new term, gaining traction due to growing evidence that economic growth is leading to growing inequality and not necessarily reductions in poverty.

We need to find ways to include more people in the benefits of increasing prosperity , at the same time drawing on the talents and energies of a greater proportion of our population to develop economies which are more vibrant, innovative, skilled and productive.

This is something that is at the heart of what we believe as Oldham partners.

Priority outcome:  Investment, skills and good quality jobs

  • Develop a skilled, educated and dynamic workforce that can compete for jobs within the city region
  • Support people into decent, secure jobs which pay well
  • Achieve a balanced local economy, more inward investment and a strong position within Greater Manchester
  • Enable more business start-ups and increase survival rates

The Oldham Economy & Skills Partnership recognises two competing pressures which have contributed to structural weaknesses and skills under-performance and underutlisation in Oldham.

  • The failure of the GM ‘trickle down’ economic strategy
  • The success of Oldham’s physical transformation vs our continuing poor performance on skills

The Partnership aims to address these by supporting delivery of the Council’s Strategic Investment Framework, Business Investment Strategy and Work and Skills Strategies.


Evidence from the Inclusive Growth Unit

Inclusive Growth – Opportunities and Challenges for Greater Manchester


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