Growing Oldham: Feeding Ambition

Food Enterprise Fund

Can you help grow a vibrant food economy?

The Growing Oldham: Feeding Ambition Partnership wants to invest in inspiring ideas that will transform Oldham’s food economy.

  • Got a brilliant idea to support enterprise and generate income through food and growing?
  • Want to create a vibrant, local food economy for you, your community or for Oldham?
  • Got a community business idea involving food and growing?

You have an opportunity to apply for up to £500 from the Food Enterprise Fund.

To give you or your organisation the best chance of success please read the following guidance notes carefully.

What CAN be funded:

Successful projects and ideas will focus on enterprise opportunities through food and growing, which generate an income for communities in Oldham.

We are looking to support community-led social enterprise where groups and organisations. Funding will be awarded to projects and ideas that help to create a thriving, sustainable and local food economy.

Applicants can;
• be individuals with an idea for community benefit
• be members of the Voluntary Community Faith and Social Enterprise (not for profit), community or public sector bodies – e.g. schools, colleges and hospitals
• be based or working in the area of Oldham Borough Council and beneficiaries must be Oldham Borough residents
• demonstrate how their proposal supports community enterprise through food

Applications are reviewed at a fortnightly meeting and groups and organisations will be informed within 5 working days with the outcome.

Evaluation process
All groups and organisations must be able to provide basic evidence to support how their activity has been delivered. This may include (where applicable) stories, videos, case studies, details of accounts, invoices, receipts, photographs, social media, articles, attendance records, evaluation forms and any other relevant documents.

Examples of project ideas that could receive investment

  • Selling locally grown fruit/vegetables
  • Create local food products and packaging
  • Growing produce to sell
  • Develop marketing for a product
  • Promotion and communication
  • Designing a brand
  • Transportation and distribution to market
  • Putting on Food Festivals/markets/events
  • Food/cooking courses
  • Supplying, storing and distributing produce
  • Working with local networks
  • Selling products to businesses

Any other ideas to help generate income and create a vibrant, local food economy.

Application forms can be requested from the Development Team at Action Together and you can contact them here –  

Small Investment up to £500 application form click here to download (this is continuously open for applications)

Medium Investment up to £10,000 application form click here to download. Deadline has now finished.

Large Investment up to £50,000 application form – as part of your application we would like any interested groups to initially contact us to discuss their ideas. Please contact Nadine Ashworth on 0161 339 2345. Deadline 25 February.