GM Health and Social Care Devolution

Greater Manchester Strategic PlanTaking Charge of Our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester – The Plan

Devolution in Greater Manchester will allow the Health and Wellbeing Board to play its part in making a bigger impact, more quickly, on the health, wealth and wellbeing of the 2.8m people who live in our city region. Health and care services will be far freer to respond to what local people want; using their experience and expertise to help change the way we spend the money.

The Greater Manchester Devolution Agreement was agreed with the Government in November 2014.   In February 2015, the 37 NHS organisations and local authorities in Greater Manchester signed a landmark agreement with the Government to take charge of health and social care spending and decisions in our city region. This included a commitment to produce a comprehensive plan for health and social care by December 2015.

The final draft of this plan ‘Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester’ was endorsed by the Health and Social Care Strategic Partnership Board on Friday 18 December 2015. It details the collective ambition for the region over the next five years, setting out our direction of travel.

In the New Year, up until the publication of the final document in March, people across Greater Manchester will be able to give their views on the Plan – and those plans from their own local areas – as well as talking to us about how they might play a part in delivering the ambitions.

The full plan and summary can be found below:

GM residents have had their say on their own health & wellbeing, and this work is being driven through the Taking Charge Together campaign. More information can be found here

Further information about the devolution can be found below:

GM Health & Social Care Partnership (

GM Health and Social Care Devolution summary slides

Health and Social Care Devolution FAQs

The Oldham Locality Plan for Health and Social Care Transformation – April 2016- March 2021

In Oldham we have developed the Locality Plan, aligned to the GM strategy, which identifies the actions that will be delivered at the local level to transform health and social care.

Getting ready for devolution by April 2016 has accelerated planning for joint working between Oldham Council and NHS Oldham and prompted us to be more ambitious with our plans. In doing so, we are planning for health and social care operating in a system rather than within organisational boundaries.

The Locality Plan sets out four transformative programmes that will have a significant impact on health and care across the life course:

  • Establishing an Accountable Care Management Organisation;
  • Mental health is central to good health;
  • Starting Well – Early years, children & young people;
  • Living Well – Action to build resilient communities and provide early help.

There are many other initiatives, programmes and clinical models of care being delivered for and with people in Oldham on a day-to-day basis that influence wellbeing and health, both within and beyond the health and social care economy. These will continue.

The focus on four key areas will help us to establish the place-based whole system approach to commissioning and provision of services that we will adopt for all existing and new programmes across Oldham in the coming months and years.

There are two other areas of work underway that the Locality Plan references. These are provider reform (including the Healthier Together initiative) and the pan-Greater Manchester transformation programmes. Together, these three areas will shape our health and social care system.

You can download a copy of the plans here:

Greater Manchester Strategic Plan

Oldham Health and Social Care Locality Plan