GMCA – Greater Manchester Combined Authority

GMCA was formed in 2011 as a partnership of the ten Greater Manchester councils who work with other local services to improve the Greater Manchester region. GMCA has formal powers and responsibilities set out in law, and has its own budget and staff to work full-time on the objectives of driving economic growth and reforming public services.

The GMCA is run jointly by the leaders of the 10 councils and the Greater Manchester mayor, and works with various public, private and voluntary partner organisations to drive transport, health and wellbeing, planning, and housing projects across Greater Manchester. In 2017, Greater Manchester elected its first mayor, with more powers and responsibilities.


Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham was elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester in May 2017.

Accountable to and representing the people of all 10 boroughs in Greater Manchester, the Mayor of Greater Manchester oversees an economy larger than that of Wales and has one of the largest electoral mandates in the UK.

Andy will steer the work of Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority, leading on issues such as the economy, transport, police and fire services.

Responsible for transforming public services and shaping the future of our region, the Mayor will represent Greater Manchester people, making the case for our region at the heart of government and on the world stage. Andy will allow us to speak as one as we demand a fairer deal and build a better quality of life for the people who live here.

Andy will join Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority as its chair and eleventh member. The leaders of the 10 councils will form the Mayor’s Cabinet. He will also be supported by a Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, and a Deputy Mayor for Economic Growth and Business.

The job of the Mayor will range from setting budgets and priorities for Greater Manchester’s public services to acting as an ambassador for the region.

Andy will be able to make some decisions independently, but others will involve consultation and approval of the Mayor’s Cabinet. Some decisions will need unanimous support, others will need a majority.

Why do we need a mayor?

In exchange for more powers and control over local budgets, Greater Manchester agreed to elect a regional mayor who would act as a single point of accountability – to both local people and central government.

Devolution doesn’t mean more money in the pot. But it does mean having more control over how and where we spend the money we have.

We’ll be able to design services and find ways of working that better meet the needs of Greater Manchester and the people that live, work and invest here. We’ll be able to boost our economy and reinvest money back into the region, to where it is needed most.


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