Co-operatives and Neighbourhoods

A message from Cath Green, Chief Executive of First Choice Homes Oldham and Chair of the Co-operatives & Neighborhoods Commissioning Cluster

Cath GreenIn Oldham we need resilient people and communities. This means that we want the residents of Oldham to flourish and be able to cope well in the face of challenge and change. We know that our residents are likely to experience higher levels of debt, spend more of their income on essentials like heating their home and be less healthy than their Greater Manchester counterparts. We also know that strong social networks, good family and supported communities and services working enables people and communities to flourish.

This is why we are committed to developing resilience whether this means connecting people to job opportunities, providing a means out of fuel poverty or helping people to gain skills, confidence and self-esteem. This requires everybody doing their bit. It means us reforming as public sector partners to shift our resources to early help and tackling high cost, complex issues and to refocus our resources on issues that matter to local people like access to fair employment and transport. It also requires residents to take more control of their own lives and play an active role in their communities. Only by working together in this way will we create more resilient communities at a time of dwindling public sector resources.


Priority outcome: Resilient and co-operative people and communities who flourish and cope well with change

  • Support all communities to flourish
  • Support vulnerable people to overcome challenge.
  • Reward positive contribution and support residents to do better for themselves.
  • Improve the physical environment of communities.
  • Campaign, lobby and lead on the issues that matter most to Oldham people.