Business Investment in Oldham

Business InvestmentOur Business start-up levels in Oldham are increasing (41 per 10,000 population), but rates are still below Greater Manchester (58 per 10,000).

  • Business stock is now rising – around 6250 companies (an increase of 1,000 since 2013).
    • Our ambition is to continue this growth.
    • We have seen growth in Health & social care, Business & financial services and Logistics sectors.
    • Anticipated employment growth of 4.2% over the next 20 years.

However….. The future of Oldham is not written!


How can we support further growth?

Business Investment Strategy

Strategic Objectives

The Business and Enterprise strategy will support the achievement of this vision and assist in creating a balanced local economy, that includes both high value added jobs and employment opportunities for local residents, by:

  • raising the profile of Oldham as a business location;
  • de-risking the investment process for companies looking to relocate and expand in Oldham;
  • increasing the survival, retention and growth opportunities for indigenous businesses (including social enterprises);
  • promoting the development of an enterprise culture and assisting more business start-ups; and
  • ensuring that businesses are fully aware of the support available to enable them to innovate and grow.

Immediate priorities:

  • Establish/populate a new business database and profile the existing companies – to begin awareness raising, targeted marketing, and account management
  • Develop internal council procedures for enquiry handling (including initial recording on the CRM system, referral to council teams and external providers) and provide training for frontline and other business facing staff
  • Agree the mechanisms for sharing data and overseeing businesses being assisted – e.g. convene a ‘case conference’ review with wider business support team including the OET fund manager, designated BGH advisors (growth and workforce development), and relevant internal officers (e.g. Town Centre Manager; Business Rates Manager; GOW)

To view the Business Investment Framework, click here.